Have you ever noticed when people say doing a certain action is a bad but they do it too? The term for that is hypocrite. I seriously don't think what hypocrites do is right. Live by this rule by some famous person "Don't preach what you don't follow". It's true. Lets say a friend of yours is saying somebody is being mean and they should stop but this friend is also mean to people. It wouldn't make sense to say that somebody is being mean and they should stop if you are mean too. So please everyone, just only preach what you follow. I find it annoying and frequently don't know who I should support in a fight because of hypocrites. Basically the groups fighting are each doing something bad. So I advise you to tell people what I have said and follow it.
      I'm sorry I have not been posting for a while. I promise that I'll post more frequently. Bye! 


Valentines day!

          Happy belated Valentines day! Since Valentines day is about love that's exactly what I'll talk about. Love is great. I makes your life worthwhile. Show how much you love someone by making a card or telling someone. There are a variety of things you can do.
          I love my family, friends, teachers, trees, books, random objects, and much more. You can love almost everything. I challenge you to write or tell an object or a plant how much you love them. I actually did this for my American girl doll this year and I wrote a poem to my cherry blossom tree once. Anyway, make the world better with love. Bye! 


Snow Today!

        Okay everybody. It's going to snow this afternoon. Actually it snowed a little yesterday after noon. School is off today. Wral thinks many people will lose power. I hope that's not true for my family. Last time we lost power we had to heat our food with candles and warm water therefore ruining plates because they were burned. I'm exited to see the snow though. Snow is really beautiful and I love to just watch it fall.

Bye! Hope you have fun with snow(maybe something else).


Snow again!

        Hi everybody. Wral says it's going to snow again! If my school closes for a snow day I'll have to go to school for a day during spring break. I'm wishing and wishing that we only have a two hour delay. I want spring break to be a part of the year where we can just spend our time frolicking around not going to school. Many people agree with me on this subject. 
    Okay so I found some new songs that are really good so I'll list them below.

1. "Counting Stars" by onerepublic
2.  "Passenger let her go" (I don't know who wrote it)
3.  "Treasure" (I don't know who wrote it"
4.   "Burn"   (I don't know who wrote it)
5.    "Timber" by Kesha

I know my post was short today. I'll post more later-maybe tomorrow or the next day. But for now, Bye!



Facts About Me!

       Hi guys! Today I'm just going to write a few random facts about myself. So here I go!

1. I'm a bookaholic.
2. I love to write.
3. Some of my favorite movies include Frozen, Harry Potter (which is also one of my favorite books), and The parent trap.
4. One of my favorite TV shows is Full House.
Okay, these are the few facts about me. Have a good day!


Test Tips

   Hi everybody! Hope your doing well. I will say that my posts on weekdays might be shorter than usual. Today I found out that I did really well on a test. I want to share my strategies with all of you so you can get good grades on a test too.
1. Study. Study. Study. Studying is really important. Make time for it!
2. Don't stress about the test. If you studied you will be fine
3. When I take tests (especially language arts tests) I sometimes highlight or underline the important words in a question or important parts of the story. It will really help if you need to get back to something or just really understand what you are supposed to do.
4. Take time and check over your test. Checking over, results in way better grades
If you follow these tips you will do great on almost every test you take. Remember, it's okay if you get a bad grade on a test once in a while. It happens to everyone. All you need to do is figure out what you did wrong. Hope you have a great day! Bye!


One of the most lovable creatures in the world: Babies!

    Babies are pretty cute. Practically everyone loves them. In fact, I visited one today. She grabbed my finger and wouldn't let go. Have you ever noticed that babies smile all the time for all kinds of things? I like that babies are almost always happy. They really do brighten up your mood.
    I really like that the smiles of a baby are true. You can see it. The sparkling glimmer in their eyes. Their dazzling smile. The smiles of babies just lift my mood. It's fun to make them laugh and smile . On the subject of laughing, have you ever heard the laugh of a baby? It is like pure magic. I say it is like pure magic because it can quickly turn a frown upside down.
    Babies also won't judge you. There will be no labels with a baby (or a young toddler.)
   Babies are really warm. It's fun to hug them or have their arms clasp around you.
   Don't think playing with a baby makes you less cool. IT DOES NOT.  In fact, I believe that being cool isn't important.Babies are great for playing with. To those of you who have not yet interacted with a baby, please do! It can really brighten your life and add some fun.
   Now, don't  get the wrong image about what I am saying.  I am saying interact with babies in your life but still interact with kids your age too.

Hope you have a good week! Bye!


Snow Days

       This is the first day I am writing on my new blog. I am exited to start. 
       This week has been crazy. My school has had four days off in a row because of snow! It was pointless to put a snow day on Tuesday though because the snow started long after school was over( snow started 5:00 to 6:00.) I would have preferred to go to school that day because we were getting report cards (unlike most people I like getting report cards) but I know the school was only closed for student safety. I am happy that people care about our safety in that way.
      On Wednesday I played in the snow for a little bit. I made a snow angel that day with eyes and a mouth and it was still there the next day. It finally disappeared when my dad ran over it with his car when he was going to work.
      I don't know why or how my school got four snow days. In fact, it didn't snow too much where I live. I guess there are some pros and cons of snow days. Pros: We get to have time to do what we want and we are free of school. Cons: We have to make up for snow days and it can get boring if you are in the house so long. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed your snow days (if you had any) and your week.