Spring break

    We have started spring break! Last Saturday I watched Divergent and decided to read the books. A few days later (Thursday) I was done with the series. I think the whole series is really great but I felt that too many people were killed.

I will now nominate the people who will continue the this and that tag. Since I just started blogging recently I don't know to many bloggers.
People I nominate:
GirlRadio and who ever else wants to do this tag

I'm not doing much for spring break but I will still have fun! Hope you do too! Bye!


I've been tagged!

       Hi everyone! I've been tagged by "Morningtime4". The tag's name is this and that. It was started by "Eve of Womanhood" The rules are that I have to answer a few questions and then tag three people that will also have to answer these questions. I will decide on who these three people in the next post. Now I say, "On with the questions!"

1. Summer or winter?
A: I love winter. Summer is too hot and gives me headaches. Winter is really beautiful and I love seeing snow covering the ground.
2. Blue or pink?
A: Blue!
3. Frozen or Brave?
A: I love them both but I really like the songs in Frozen so my answer would have to be........(drum roll) Frozen!
4. Art or reading?
A: Reading
5. Christmas or birthday?
A: Christmas! While the birthday spirit only lasts for a day, the Christmas spirit lasts for a month!
6. Flip Flops or Boots?
A: Boots but only if they are ankle high(When I wear tall boots I can't walk)
7. Roses or daises?
A: Roses
8. Cat or Dog?
A: Dog. A cat once jumped on me and tried to claw me. A dog won't do that to you.
9.  Vanilla or Chocolate?
A: Vanilla. Chocolate makes me nauseous.
10. Europe or Asia?
A: I can't choose. They are both great places.
11. Raspberries or Blackberries?
A: Raspberries
12. Vintage or Modern?
A: This is a hard one. I guess I'll choose modern
13. Pasta or soup?
A: Pasta!
14. Elephant or lion?
A: Elephant
15. Long hair or short hair?
A: Short hair. It is easier to manage.'
16. Beach or water park?
A: Beach


Answer to Identical drinks

    Hi everyone! In my last post I had a riddle. I will now be revealing the answer to it.

Answer: The two drinks that Dan and Dawn bought had ice cubes with poison in them. Dawn drank his drink fast so the ice cubes did not have time to melt into his drink so he did not drink the poison. Since Dan drank his drink slow, the ice cubes melted and he drank the poison. 

We have another day off from school because of ice. It's amazing how harsh this winter has been. I can't wait for spring. How about you? I sure would like it to be sunny and warm again.


Two Identical Drinks

      Hi everybody! My teacher gave me a riddle. The riddle is below. Try to solve it.

Riddle: Dan and Dawn get two drinks that look the same and taste the same at a cafe. Dawn drank it fast and was just fine but Dan drank it  slow and died right after he finished.

So that was the riddle. My teacher let my classmates and I ask yes or no questions to answer the riddle but since I can't do that with you readers I will give you some hints.

1. The speed that they drank it does have to do with the solution.
2. Dan was only killed because of the drink, not anything else.
3. There was poison in both drinks.

Hope you enjoy the riddle! Good luck!