Some New Announcements and Another Description of a Dream

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2. I have a new poem on my writing page.
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Now, on to my crazy dream that happened when I was in preschool.

                                    The Dream

A witch came to my family's house in the disguise of a house helper person. We hired her to help clean our house. I discovered that she was a witch when I heard her plotting evil things. So, I pushed her into the laundry machine and put the machine on cycle. That was the end of the dream that I had in 

Yes, I had crazy dreams a lot a few years ago. I still have plenty of dreams but they are not that crazy and I can't remember much about them. I think my last dream had something to do with businesses. Having a dream about businesses is quite peculiar but-oh well.

I started reading Anne of Anvonlea (the second book of the Anne of Green Gables Series). It has been  few months since I have read the first book.

My favorite characters in Anne of Green Gables series so far

1. Anne 2. Diana 3. Gilbert Blythe 4. Marilla 5. Mr. Harrison (sort of ) 6. Rachel Lynde 
(My top two favorite characters are Anne and Rachel Lynde).

I'm also reading "Almost Home" which is pretty good. Have a good day!!!
P.S. One fact about me is that I like the book Anne of Green Gables.


Wasted Words

  On my writing page I have posted another poem called "Wasted Words". Today I would briefly like to talk about wasted words. In my poem, a girl says many rude things. Her mean comments were her last words. The message of the poem was that you shouldn't waste words on negative rude things. Instead, use words to say positive nice things. Everyone has a limited amount of words they can say in their lifetime. Choose carefully what you want to say with them.
   My fact about myself today is that I like to write poetry (you might have noticed that everything on my writing page so far is poetry). I also like to write fantasy but never finish my fantasy stories. I hope you have a good day!!! Bye!!!!!!!!!!

Whoohoo!!! Poets corner!!!!


Hansel Gretel Parody Dream

   On my last post I said that I would tell something new about myself to you guys everyday. So the new thing about myself that I'm telling you is that I've had a Hansel and Gretel parody dream. It was a few years ago and very weird. I would have to say that the weirdest thing about that dream was when the girl who could talk revealed that the witch cut her tongue off long ago. That didn't make any sense because no one can talk without a tongue and somehow the girl did.

    Basic Story of Hansel and Gretel Parody Dream

A witch took a bunch of people as hostages in some sort of camp. This other person and I befriended this girl. The girl had some secret that she wouldn't tell us. Eventually, she told us that she didn't have a tongue because the witch cut it off. The witch made everybody in the "camp" do labor for her. Close to the end of the dream, she banished me to the top of a mountain. I didn't want to so I fought her with a hat (yes, I did say hat). The dream ended then.
   You might be wondering why I remember this dream from years ago. Well, sometimes I just remember dreams. I have no idea why. Anyway, bye!!!!!!


Important Things for this Summer

    Hi!!! There are a few things I want to talk about today.
1. This blog is still fairly new and doesn't get many views. If you do come across this blog and you like it then I ask you to please spread the word about it.
2. Since summer has come, I will be posting more often.I will be posting almost everyday.
3. I've come up with something new to put in my blog posts this summer. On every blog post I will write one fact about me. 
4. I don't have any followers!!!So, if you like this blog please follow it!
5. I'll probably add more pages to this blog over the summer!! Look out for those!!!
6. "I lived on Butterfly Hill" has gotten better. 
I hope you have a good day!!!! Bye!!!!!

PS. One fact about me is that I like to read a lot.


Writing page!!

     Hey guys!!!! Please check out my writing page because I added a new poem to it called "Gone". I'm really proud of it!!
     Not that much is going on in my life right now. It is pretty bland! I hope you are having a good summer!!! Byeeeeee!!!


Summer is here!!!

    Hi!!!! Summer has finally wheeled around. This summer I'm going to a bunch of summer camps and staying at home. Maybe, some kind of other plans will come up? What are you doing this summer??? To answer the question I just asked you guys, you can comment on my blog post. 
    I can't believe that this year is over!!! Next year I'll be in fifth grade. On the last day of school the fifth grade graduation ceremony took place. The orchestra at my school (if they were not in fifth grade) played for it. Everyone else ("everyone else" includes me) did some classwork while watching this slide show that the fifth graders made. The whole slide show was one hour!!!! It showed the fifth graders when they were in kindergarten, then first grade, and so on. It was so cool seeing how the fifth graders grew over time at my school. I can't believe that next year, my pictures are going to be on that slideshow!!!!! 
     After watching most of the slideshow and completing all my work I volunteered to stuff folders with graded papers ( I did this again in the afternoon too). By the time I was done, each folder was about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide full of paper. Considering that I stuffed 24 folders, there were a lot of papers!!!! Later my friend and I were given a task to organize 6 crates of book. We laid them out in the center of the room and grouped them into piles. Soon, the floor began to fill up so much that there wasn't any place to it or walk!!! I was practically under the table sorting books. Then another friend helped us for a while by standing in the center of the huge pile of books (she had to stand on between the books on about 3 toes to not step on any of the books.) On the afternoon of that day we had pizza from Dominoes! It was a great day!! 
    There is this program I am participating in. I got selected to be in it. Basically, I get books sent to me over the summer that I will review. My review might or might not make it into a website or magazine. However, I think it is great that I'll have books sent to me to read. I got to select some books that I might want to read just by looking at the summary so I was not absolutely sure I would like the books that I chose. I just got one of the books mailed to me yesterday called "I used to Live on Butterfly Hill". So far, in my opinion the book is sort of average. Maybe it will get better or maybe it will stay the same. Either way, I have to finish it. 
      Also, I'm reading the Legend series. The books are really good. I really recommend them and might write a review on this blog about them later.
      Another thing, have a great summer!!!