Self Appreciation

I don't care,you know. I'm not hurt and I won't ever be to that comment. I'm proud! 
Proud of all I am. If you slit me open and poured all the contents out, and looked deep inside, you would know all my thoughts and emotions, my secrets. But, I would not be ashamed. I appreciate who I am. And maybe you should start too. Because when I look into your face, and the ones around you, I don't see a beast looking for food. I see a scared little person, sucking on someone else to make them feel worse than you do. Well, now your in the top of the ranks right? You're not the worst feeling person there right? So it's all good right? No. The answer is no. Look at what you've done. Look around you! Look! You've made everyone around you insecure too! So, learn to appreciate yourself. Stop being rude to others to make yourself feel better. 



I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Lucky we're in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday


The Cover

You're the person who sees right through,
doesn't get fooled by the almost transparent cover
that everyone is satisfied with. 
You squint your eyes,
and peer through.
"Don't!" some cry. 
There are two sides of the cover
and  seldom not 
they don't match.
But what's behind the cover, you care,
the thoroughly real side.
And often,
as you close the veil,
done looking, 
you shake your head in dismay. 

I had a sudden burst of energy and wrote the poem above! I showed it to my parents, and they understood it after a while but first were a little confused. So, I thought it would be best to add a little description thingy! SO....

The poem is talking about this one person who focuses about what is on the inside of the person rather than the outside. And often, what's on the inside can be disappointing.

Also, my mom was a bit confused about the phrase: seldom not. That just means often.

So I hope that description cleared up anything you were confused about (if you were confused)

Hope you have a great weekend! Bye!!


NaNoWriMo Planning

Hey everyone! Its my first year doing NaNoWriMo and I can't wait! Anyway, this is kind of a plan for characters. I do not know all the characters that are going to be in my story yet but I definitely know some. I'm planning to have my finished piece be MG (middle grade) or YA (youth). I'll explain more about what this novel will be about later but for now........lets get planning!

Alex is a girl who is known for her miraculous painting talent but her real passion is writing. She gets pretty good grades and sometimes tutors other students. She likes to have fun but mainly stays to herself. 
AGE: 12 

Rachel is quite out spoken and is very friendly. She has tons of friends and she is really smart too! Though anybody would be her friend, she sticks around with Alex. 
AGE: 13

This is Shawn. Everything in his life is perfect except for his family and grades. He loves sports and singing.
AGE: 12

This is Alex's mom, Katherine. She tries to always do the best for the family. 
AGE: 37

This is Alex's dad, Brett. He really friendly and calm. 
AGE: 40

This is Shawn's dad, Josh. Josh has a very large temper. 
AGE: 43

So those are some characters! See ya later! :-)



I saw a post on Eve's blog a few weeks ago and she did something like this and I wanted to try it out.

Reading: The wizard of oz series and The Breadwinner
Listening: Amnesia
Watching: Glee
Eating: Cake
Remembering: Last year
Awaiting: The Weekend
Learning: Science, math, LA, etc....
Loving: Behind the Scenes
Writing: Random
Wondering: When my room will start getting redesigned.

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