TV shows you might like

Hi! How was your Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping? Mine went awesome! Today, I would like to share some TV shows that some of you guys might like. So, lets get on with it!!

Gilmore Girls is a comedy/drama about the relationship of a mother and a daughter. If you decide to watch this, I recommend that you watch seasons 1-3 or 1-4. When, Rory goes to college, I fell like the show starts going downhill, and the characters get extremely annoying, and the show is all about romance, rather than school and or the mother daughter relationship. I'm currently watching season 6, and I'm thinking of stopping.


Inspiring Fictional Characters

Hi! Today I will be sharing some powerful and inspiring fictional characters. 
Hermione Granger, in my opinion is the best female character there is. She is smart, and always tried to do her best at school(of course, when she was in front of the boggart it turned into a teacher telling her she failed all her exams) and didn't let anyone else tell her what to do. And, she started the S.P.E.W organization. She also punched Malfoy...and that makes her on the top of my list.


Is It Worth It?

The heart is a rocket,
soaring upward into the 
The feeling of wind in your face,
a thrill. 
The sunshine, pouring happiness upon you. 
But some, lay on the ground,
yet to be ignited,
frightened of what is out there,
clinging to the tall reeds of grass,
pushing away any feeling to rise. 
Some soared once,
but fell down,
and some stayed down, limp-less on the ground. 
But, some rose after falling
multiple times,
they will keep on trying. 
The daunting thought that people face:
is it worth it?

Entry for Oakstar's Photography Contest

   Hi! This is my entry for Oakstar's photography contest. If you would like to enter, click on her name, which will take you to her blog, where you can find out information!



Music is a huge part of my life. I love the emotion built into it, the rhythm, etc.... Today I'm sharing some current favorite songs.

Need you Right Now by Bethany Mota

This is an amazing song, that has amazing beat and Rhythm and the tune is really good. A 19 year old youtuber wrote it (Bethany Mota)


The Blogger Recognition Award

The wonderful Beth has tagged me for this award! Thank you! 
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Nanowrimo Writeaton

First of all, how do you like my new design? I used some code and photo editing knowledge to create it! Second, a lot of people are doing Nanowrimo including me. So, I thought, why not do a writing marathon for Nanowrimo. So this Saturday, from 2:00 to 5:00 PM eastern time I will be writing for three hours straight. If you would also like to do this comment below!


Happy late Halloween!

Hi! So basically yesterday, a friend's mom took me home from school with two other friends and we partied!! Just kidding- we actually ate a really early and yummy dinner. Then we changed into our costumes (I was continuously waving a wand around that made lots of noise until I realized that I was being screamed at from down below). Another person joined us and we went off on our way to trick or treat! I was dressed up as a Hogwarts student, one of my friends was dressed up as a vampire, one a witch, and one a flamenco dancer!! We ran (yes we were running) around the neighborhood running up the lawn. And, I do have to say that I made several remarks about how soft the grass was... Well, it was VERY soft! Then, we rang the doorbell while one of my friends peaked through the window of the house which was extremely fun because she kept on accidentally looking even though it is kind of rude. Someone came out, and it was the usual routine: Trick or Treat, Thank You, Happy Halloween, and sometimes I like your dog or Cool decorations. And, if there was a bowl we usually took 1 or 2 candies. There was a sign beside one of the bowls that said please take only one. And my friend remarked, "Okay, we will take one piece of each type of candy!" So, yeah we ended up getting a lot. Bye for now. I have to start working on my Naniwrimo novel! Bye!