Harry Potter Videos and GIFs

Hello readers! This post is going to be a random video/image post(all are related to Harry Potter). It's not something I do often, but I hope you'll enjoy watching and looking at these:-)

Ok, so the video above is called: The Greater Good. True Harry Potter fans should understand this. It's a pretty long 17 minute clip but it's really good. Even if you aren't a Harry Potter fan, this video is really fun to watch, as it's packed with action. In my vision, it wasn't supposed to be this dramatic..but I guess it is.

This video is called: Do You Want to Build a Horcrux? I'm not going to say anymore than that, just watch it...it's hilarious

Now for some Gifs:

I love Ron, but I can't help admitting that he is kind of stupid sometimes and he deserved that hit! 

The moment where they all scream in unison for the first time. 


Ok, this one is kind of funny!


Here's a dramatic one. 


Lol! Just lol! This is my favorite one out of all of these!

This line is so true for Voldemort! The other parts of the song("Just the Way You Are") not so much.


I just had to share a Dobby one.

I hope you enjoyed the GIFS and videos! 


Revealing My Identity: You Know I'm a Discovery Girl....Which one am I?

Hello lovely readers! What I'm doing today, is something that I'd never thought I would do, I never wanted to show you guys any pictures of me, or give any names, whatsoever. I was afraid and I still am, that I would be judged by my looks and what you see from my profile, rather than my writing on here. 

But, I'm proud of being a Discovery Girl and I'm proud of what I've done. And, I've decided to share it with the world. But, after this, I would still like you guys to think of me as Jollygirl, not: "The girl in the magazine". As I said before, I don't want to be judged by anything other than what is on this blog. 

Discovery Girls is a magazine about self esteem, dealing with problems, friends, bullying, etc... Last year they held the second summit, and I decided to apply. So, I went to California in August and I had a wonderful time there, and made lots of friends. Many months after the summit, we still keep in touch, and I get hundreds of texts from them every day. Once my web diary comes out, I will link it on my blog, and if you wish, you can read my whole DG experience!

I'm in the current issue, February/March 2015. You can purchase these magazines at Target, Barnes and Nobles, Lowes, etc... In the issue, I got two pages of writing, but on the website there's only the top quote, so if you would like to read my whole profile, I just told you some places where they are!
Click here for a link to the February/March 2015 to see the profiles. I'm the one in the second profile, with the green jacket, poofy hair, and I'm writing in a book. 

Wow..I've just shared my identity. What I did here is..huge. But remember, I'm just Jollygirl, the girl whose posts you've been reading!

Thank you for reading this post! Bye!


A Letter to a Foe

Dear _____________________________,
Yesterday, I recall that you said something especially ruinous. You told to an acquaintance that her job was being done incompetently, and with mistakes. However, the fault that you blamed on a hardworking being, was actually committed by a coward. And the reason for me calling that certain person a coward is because, they were not willing to accept the mistake that they made, and blamed it on another, expressing that the other wasn't performing their job well. Not only did this coward make one mistake yesterday as she was completing a job, another fatal one was made. And, I have just retold that mistake, as the blaming. And, I'm sure you know who this coward is, as you know exactly what you did yesterday, and probably understand the fault of it. 

What you did was not unexpected. Your sickly disposition proved that something or the other would happen often. But your nature, does not satisfy an excuse for what you have done. Instead, you must change your usual habits to better ones, apologize to people you have hurt, lose your insecurities. Now, as the word insecure has come up, let us go into what the causes of these "habits" are. I believe, that it is due to insecurity, self-worth, and pride. You want to be the best, and not let your faults show, so you go blaming and and making acquaintances look worse in comparison to you. As you do this, you're hurting yourself and others. If, you started to embrace flaws and talents, I believe that this would stop. 

I'm not quite sure at all that you will make an effort to be kinder, though. But, though the words you have said do perform wounds and well tears, we will not take it. You acquaintances have self worth and know that your words don't matter. They now know what causes your "lashes" thanks to this letter. 

I know you have done many things, but this was horrible. I particularly feel very sorry for you and disappointed. As for the one who was wounded yesterday, and the several in the past: I'm proud of you for staying strong and not letting these words get to you.


I hope you enjoyed reading this letter that I wrote above! Have a great weekend! Bye!



First Blog Birthday: Celebrating with a Blog Party and a Q and A!!

Hello lovely readers! No, my blog b-day is not today. February 1, is the special date(I'll definitely be posting on that date). But, I wanted to ask you guys to help celebrate!! And to celebrate, I've decided to have a blog party and a Q and A!! So..let me tell you more about it!!

If you would like to participate in this, you need to answer a few questions, either in the comments or on your blog. If you do decide to answer the questions on your blog, make sure you include the pic above. The Blog Party ends on Jan 31,2015. The entries will not be judged or used in any way. This is just for fun! And you DO NOT have to do this, but if you wanted to, that would awesome! And, if you do this, I'll add your blog to my blog list at the bottom of this blog. I will also link your answers on the post I publish on February 1! Note: I have the right to object adding your blog if it is offensive in any way.

Here are the questions!:

  1. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
  2. Favorite party snack? Why? 
  3. What type of chocolate is your favorite? Milk, dark, white, or other?
  4. Describe your favorite memory?
  5. What is your favorite post that I have published on this blog?
  6. Just type whatever you want in this section. You can answer a question, type random letters, share a fact about yourself,etc..

Now, the Q  and A! On February 1, my blog birthday I will be posting answers to your questions! You can comment a few questions or email me at reflectionsofajollygirl@gmail.com

You can ask me anything, don't be shy about asking any questions. If a question is too personal, I will not answer it, but feel free to ask me anything! Please submit all questions by January 29, 2015. If you miss this deadline you can ask me on the 30th, and 31st, but after that, if you ask, I will not be able to answer your questions in the post. I eagerly wait for your questions! 

If you have time, please join the blog party, or drop by and ask a question. Thank you!! 



As we sail through our lives, we make a series of choices, actions, words, etc. that slowly shapes us. We build up our personality every day, with small choices and large choices. Where you decide to go to college. How you decide to respond to a mean comment. We learn new things about ourselves every year. Every week. Every day, maybe.

At some point though, your choices might mismatch. The things you think true about the world and yourself, might suddenly vanish. Your choices, and other people's choices, might change your life. It doesn't have to be a big change. But there will be changes. One of your best friends might not be a really close friend anymore. The thing you were most passionate about might just be a loose hobby now. 

And this happens to most people. Our personalities, dreams, goals, etc. do change. We have to find ourselves, find what we want to do, how we want to act. And if that changes, we go with it. We're still young, we might not necessarily know what we want. Even if you're not an adolescent anymore. you can change. Do what you feel like doing, not  what you're really good at, or you loved to do a while ago. Don't be worried if something changes. Explore possibilities. Live in the present, don't be sad about the past, just cherish good memories. Change can be good. 



Applying For The DG Summit: Tips

Hello! As many of you know, I attended the Discovery Girls summit this August. Now, they are accepting applications again, for the 2015 summit. The summit is for girls ages 8-12, but if you sent the application in when you were 12, but turned 13 by August, that is still okay(we had one 13 year old at our summit). If you're chosen to be a Discovery Girl, you get to attend the summit and make 35 new friends, and you get to contribute to a magazine and be in it(this summit, each girl has a two page spread)! If you want to find more information out, about the magazine and the questionnaire click here.  Anyway, lets get on to the tips!!

    First of all, remember that anyone can be a Discovery Girl, whether you're in the magazine or not. A Discovery Girl is a kind person who tries to be her best self. So, even if you don't get picked, keep your head high, because you're amazing. You're a Discovery Girl! There are so many wonderful girls in this world, and Linda(a staff member from DG) told us that it was very hard to pick the girls, and it took such a long time, as they loved everyone's applications! So basically, what I'm trying to say here is, be confident while you're writing the questionnaire. Don't count your chickens before they hatch, but do know that you have just the same chance as anyone!

    Be yourself! DG wants to see the real you, not some fake person that you created. Love yourself, and shower your uniqueness onto the questionnaire. After all, DG is made up of real girls, that face real problems, who all have their talents.

    Be completely honest! Don't hide anything! DG will understand what you're going through! And don't make up anything either. When you make up things like that, that shows that you are insecure. But, you have no reason to be. And if DG does pick you, would you want it to be because they liked you, or some other girl you made up?

   Give lots and lots and lots of details! Don't leave out anything! Say everything you want to say. DG loves reading about all kinds of different girls! So, make sure that you say everything that is important.

   Include something other than your questionnaire along with it. Nadia sent in a video of her playing piano. Tahlia made a scrapbook with her answers in them and sent a video where she shared it, I sent in a poem that I wrote. So if you have time, try to send in something extra that really shows your personality!


  • Know that you have a chance of getting picked
  • Be yourself
  • Be completely honest and don't hide anything
  • Give lots of details
  • If you can, send something extra in with your questionnaire

I hope this helped! Bye!


Eye 4 Design- A New Fantastic Blog to Discover!

Hello! I love reading new blogs;there are so many amazing blogs in the blog land!! Well, here's another one! A friend of mine who I met at the Discovery Girl summit told me about it! Tahlia (the writer of the blog) loves fashion, is an amazing designer, and is great with crafts! She posts about fashion, lifestyle, reviews, and recipes. Tahlia's blog is called Eye 4 Design and you can get to it by clicking here. 

The thing I love about Tahlia's blog, is as you read it, her personality seeps through the words and her ideas and DIYs are so cool(I'm trying some of them out soon)! So, please check it out!!



A Guest Post by Noor: DIY Decorative Boards

Hi everyone! Today Noor is visiting this blog and guest posting!! I appreciate it so much that she is doing this. So without further ado, let's read Noor's lovely post!!

DIY Decorative Folders

Hey everyone! I'm Noor from A Little Bit Of Sunshine and I am super excited to be guestposting here today! Today, I'll be sharing with you tips on how you can decorate your folders to make them nice and sweet. Unfortunately, I could not get the correct "folder" I was planning but this taught me that you can use these tips for anything! Let's get right into the post!

Tip 1: Get the right supplies

While decorating, you've got to have the correct supplies.

As you can see in this photo, I am using: Bic Markers (which are amazing!), colored pens, washi tape (It was so hard to choose my favorite for this post!) and tape (for any little tid bits I wanted to add)

Tip 2: Don't be afraid to experiment

Do you have that bright glitter glue laying around somewhere? Add it! Remember, you want to personalize your folder to make it your own and so people can also easily identify it!

Tip 3: Use lots of patterns!

Patterns are fun and you can experiment a lot with them.

Cute right? You can use chevrons, squiggles, curves, whatever you want!!

Tip 4: Doodle!

Mastered the art of drawing cacti? Draw some all over the folder. They look cute and they will make your folder different from everyone else's!

Plus, you can also doodle stuff related to the type of folder. If its a math folder, draw little symbols!

Tip 5: Label. Label. LABEL

Labels are super duper important when it comes to folders.

As you can see, I did my label with washi tape but you can do it however you want. With marker, paper, tape, etc.

That's all I have for today folks. I hope you enjoyed today's post and I will see you on my blog here!



A Poem: Let it Bloom

On the outside,
seeming small,
walking unnoticed,
every direction I go,
perceived as useless
just by what they see.

On the inside,
I'm large,
 a big heart,
a big brain,
with words to say,
things to do. 

Some, they see the
blossom inside me,
they know that 
I'm worthy of including,
but others
are fooled easily. 

I've decided 
to let
my blossom bloom. 

Don't be fooled by the outside of someone. They may have lot's to say. There's magic in everybody. But sometimes, they don't think it's there and hence don't let it out. And, don't ever think you're useless. I'm telling this to everybody, and you can trust me to tell you the truth. Because, everyone is useful, magical, and brings something to the world every day. Everyone has words to say and great ideas. Everyone does, especially when you least expect it! Everyone has a blossom inside them. Let it bloom!

PS. One of my New Years Resolutions was to blog more. Today is the eighth, and the last post I wrote was on the 30th so so far, that hasn't worked out. I'm just very busy and I'm trying to find opportunities when I can post, So, hopefully I'll be posting more, but that might only be once or twice a week.