Fan Month

    Heather from Sometimes I'm a Story is holding a fantastic event and this is: Fan Month!
I've decided to join!

1. When do you plan on being a fan?
I will be a fan on the first week of March..so March 1 to March 7. 

2. What goals will you set for yourself?

I will discover 3 new blog every day, and comment on a post of that blog. So my goal is to have 21 comments on new blogs by the end of the week. 

3. Are you going to set any rules for yourself? Exceptions to those rules?
I will comment on every single post I read. I will do this unless I am immensely busy.  

4. Where do you plan on sharing the great posts you read?
In the TBC google + group!

5. Where could you be a fan outside the blogosphere?

I will be extra considerate to the things people do for me:-)

This is a great event! I'm excited!


A Life Update: Snow, Penderwicks, Downton Abbey, I Kill the Mockingbird

We've been having snow days around here, lately.  It was however sleet that gave me 4 days off from school! Yesterday, it was said that there were going to be flurries. Instead, a snow storm arrived. So, it turns out that I'm staying home this week, also.
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Snow is actually quite beautiful. All those minuscule flakes come together to form something huge. The world becomes a blur of whiteness, lining everything with a sparkling glint. It obscures reality.When it's snowing,reality is white. I would love to share a picture or video of the snow, but sadly my mother's camera on her phone just doesn't seem to capture it. 

Over the week I've entertained my self by reading and watching the television. I've been re-reading The Penderwicks series as the fourth book is coming out soon. There is also a fifth book coming out in 3-4 years. Two of my close friends are also awaiting this new book and we talk about the series all the time. I was looking online and and it seems to be about Batty discovering her new singing talent. She overhears a fight between Jeffery and Skye and then she gets upset about something(I don't know all the details.) Nick comes back from war, Rosalind has a new stuck up boyfriend, and Jane invites large groups of friends into the house. The Penderwicks in Spring(fourth book) will take place five years after The Penderwicks in Pointe Moutte so of course it will be most focused on Batty as it is an MG. SPOILER: The reviews say that Hound dies! It's horrible! And, my friends and I are so devastated that Skye and Jeffery get into a fight. I always thought that they would end up marrying! 

My friends and I also think that each book mainly revolves around one character. The first book revolved around everyone. The second was mainly about Rosalind. And, the third was mainly about Skye(a little about Jane and Jeffery also..) The fourth is about Batty. It's a shame that there wasn't a book revolving around Jane! She was my second favorite character! Skye however is my favorite of all the Penderwick sisters, even though I'm nothing like Skye! I'm more like Jane! 

Lately I've also been thinking about Harry Potter characters and characters from The Penderwicks  getting along together. I deeply feel that Luna and Jane would be inseparable friends, that Jeffery and Harry would be friends, that Rosalind would be friends with Rosalind or Parviti or something like that, that Skye would get along with either Ron, Harry, or Hermione, and Batty is way to young to decide! 

I also read I Kill the Mockingbird by Paul Acampora, It's a funny book(If you are mistaking this for To Kill a Mockingbird, then I would like to tell you that this is not the same book) and it really has persuaded me to read To Kill a Mockingbird. 

I've also been watching Downton Abbey. Does anyone like that show? I'm on season two episode 4(there are only 7 episodes in each season!). First, my mother was watching the show, and then I watched it for two reasons that weren't very..well you'll see. I started watching it because I liked the back round music and because I loved saying the words: downton abbey. Great reasons, right? Anyway, I now really love the show. My favorite characters are Anna, Sybil, Mary(I didn't like her before but in season two she's an extremely well-liked character of mine), Edith(I didn't like her in season one either but in season two she is much more friendly and happy), Mrs. Hughes, ad Mrs. O'Brien. I know Mrs. O'Brien is a bad character and everything, but she and Thomas make the show just a little more enjoyable and humorous.
Yay! Go Sybil!
Source: rewire.tpt.org
So that is what has been going on in my life. If you've been having weird weather, love The Penderwicks, or love Downton Abbey, comment below!! 


A Choice: A Poem That I Just Wrote

Edited by me. Source: weareontv.blogspot.com
two weigh you down
one on each shoulder
clutching your skin
pulling hard
it's a game of tug of war
between yourself

one is devilish
it's gleaming green eyes gazing at the target
a sinister look on it's face
it's skin so pale 
strung with cracks of red
it's heinous doings have made it's beauty fade away
this one is the master of the tricks
not very powerful
just extremely cunning

the other is the one known to be
she dresses in a cloak of white
 for white is known to be pure
 a smile takes up her face
she uses her convincing words
to pull you in
but to help you
she's an empathetic one, she understands

tug of war is tough
sometimes the rope
begins to break
the threads that make it unwind
the devilish one pulls you in
you're too tired to resist
prepare for future burdens
for you chose easy instead of right 


There Are Things to Live For

The world is so beautiful
Our lives our stock full with hope and chances
Hope and chances to be something.
do something
But, we take it for granted,
we don't appreciate it enough
to go on,
keep working,
until we are where we wanted to be,

The world is a funny place
roles can be reversed,
there is always cracks of light in those dark stormy clouds,
there are always people who would be your friend,
there are wonderful experiences to be gained throughout your life,
there are things to live for

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.
Many people, these days aren't dealing with their problems and taking the easy way out..suicide. People don't realize that they have tons of things to live for. So, right now, I'm going to share two big things that you can keep living for:-)

1. Close your eyes. Imagine where you'll be in 15 years. Maybe you will be sitting in an office, smiling as you've just won your first case. Maybe you're at a signing children's copies of books, because the book you wrote has become a bestseller. Maybe you are at the premier of the movie you starred in. Maybe your designs are the most trendy and wanted fashion item all over the world. Just think about something that you would like to do, a moment where you'd be happy. That moment you just thought of that would happen in the future..well, you would never get to experience it if you ended your life. Instead, you can know there are great things coming for you, and work toward your goals. Look forward to those happy moments in life, they'll appear often! Cherish the smallest things (such as the sound of rain on pavement) and enjoy them. Even the smallest things can make you smile. 

2. There is always someone who cares about you. Always. Someone who would help deal with what you're going through, who you could gain wonderful memories with. You are never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever alone.  

Remember, there is always something to live for. 



It's My Blog B-Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's that time of the year! It's is my first blog anniversary! When I first started blogging, I never thought I would still be blogging a year later. It all started more than a year ago, when I started reading Morningtime4's  blog. Her blog was the first one I'd ever read, and I checked up on it all the time. Everything about her blog is wonderful. If you've never read it, I suggest that you check it out, by clicking on her name. Morningtime4 was the one who inspired me to start a blog. So on one day, exactly one year ago, I sat at the computer, brainstorming a name for my blog. I chose the name I did choose, because that was what I wanted to do with my blog: share thoughts. So, I created it, and I didn't know what my first post would be about, but I decided to write about what was happening right then. About snow! You can check it out here if you would like to see it. In February, I wrote 8 posts but I wasn't putting enough effort into getting readers. I was completely clueless about blogging. As the months went on, I forced myself to blog and write posts though I didn't want to. However in June, I started enjoying blogging a lot, and did it a lot more. I actually got kind of obsessed with it. Now, I really enjoy blogging, but I don't obsessively check blogger for posts every half an hour and I don't completely desert it either. I look forward to experiencing my next years of blogging.


After one year of blogging, I have 9638 page views, 679 comments, 32 followers, and 97 posts.

Q and A:
I don't have that many questions(I think people forgot about the Q and A) but I will answer the ones that I got.

Star Girl:
If you could have a super power, what would it be?
Reading minds! I would love to know what people are thinking!!

What part of the day do you like the best?
Probably the afternoon, as it's a joyful bright time of the day!

What inspired you to start blogging?
You! I actually wrote about you inspiring me at the top of my post!

What is your favorite ice cream combo?
I like the classic brownie/vanilla/caramel/fudge/cherry on top ice cream.

Thank you Morningtime4 and Star Girl for your questions!

Now, I would like to thank and link the people who did my blog party! Thank you so much for helping me celebrate! It means a lot to me!