Myths about India and Indians: I'm Going to Break Them

 Hello! I am an Indian girl, living in The United States of America! I feel like there are all kinds of misconceptions  about Indians, and I would like to clear that up...anyway..lets get on with the post!

Myth 1: Indians Roam Around Naked
I don't even know who got this idea, but it is not true at all. Indians travel fully clothed, and the dresses and saris there, are in fact quite beautiful! 
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Flashback into Jollygirl's Childhood (Which Jollygirl is still in so technically her younger childhood):
"You know, I'm kind of surprised," the brown haired innocent girl said. 
"Why?" asked I. 
"Well, aren't Indians supposed to be..naked? This is the first time I've come to your house and I didn't think that you would have clothes on."
"No! No! No! Where did you get an idea like that!" 
She shrugged her shoulders and we continued playing. 

Myth 2: Indian Parents Care a Lot About Their Children's Grades, and Make Them Study a Lot
No, this isn't true. Because, my parents don't care about my grades so much that they will yell at me if I get bad ones. I do study a lot and get good grades, but that is by my will. However, my parents will help me if I ask, or if I get a bad grade on something. 

Myth 3: We Speak Indian
No! No! No! No! There is no such language in this whole entire world called Indian! 
Look it up if you don't believe me. 

Myth 4: There are Diseases Everywhere
That is not true, at all. In crowded places, it is possible to get sick, naturally, but it's just you who should be taking the liberty to be careful. The doctors are very experienced, anyway. 

Myth 5: India is Full of Hinduisms 
India welcomes any type of people who belong to any religion. 

Myth 6: India Revolves around Curry
Well, we do like are curry, but there are plenty of others delicious foods too, such as samosa, naan, dosa, dahl, etc..
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Myth 7: We Have Elephants and Tigers as Pets
Nope! Tigers live in the wild, and so do Elephants. If you visit India, it's pretty unlikely that you'll even see one. 

Myth 8: The Whole Cricket Thing
I didn't know much about cricket either, until this family gathering, where this boy did not respect my rights that the Bill of Rights gave me, and forced me to play cricket, though I did not want to. It's actually pretty fun, and it's pretty similar to Baseball. Basically, there are two runners, and one of them bats. They try to run to a certain mark, before the people on the field throw the ball that was batted to the wicket. It is not necessary that they run, but they can if it is possible to before the ball is caught and thrown, There are such things as outs, and these happen when the field catches the ball before it bounces, throwing the ball at the wicket before the runner makes it, etc. There are also things called fours and sixes which basically depends on how far or good the batsman bats. 

Myth 9: The Government
We do have a good system of government! In fact, it is very similar to Canada's, being a parliamentary democracy, having a prime minister, and being in the commonwealth of nations. 

I hope that you learned something from this, or that I broke a myth that you thought was true!



Recognizing Michael Collins

     Do you know who Buzz Aldrin is? I'm betting that most of you did not recognize the name, Buzz Aldrin immediately. What about Neil Armstrong? Now, this guy you recognize immediately. He was the first man to walk on the moon, of course! And, what about Michael Collins? You are probably drawing a blank here.
     Micheal Collins was also a part of Apollo 11, along with Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong. However, he did not walk on the moon. So, everyone has forgotten him. Most people in fact, only remember Neil Armstrong. Some also remember Buzz Aldrin. But no one knows of Michael Collins. 
     I have to admit, that I did not even know that a Michael Collins existed until today! From now on though, I will definitely try to remember all three astronauts because all three of them deserve recognition. It was by chance that Neil Armstrong was the first member of Apollo 11 to step out of the rocket ship, onto the moon.  He did not do any more than Buzz Aldrin or Michael Collins! If Michael Collins got onto the moon first, he would probably be remembered instead of Neil Armstrong!
      I thank Michael Collins for being so courageous to join Apollo 11.  I am very sorry for forgetting Michael Collin's part in Apollo 11. I applaud him for helping the mission to go to the moon.

Find more info here!

Source: NASA

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I Want to go to Europe

I might get to go to Europe this year! So exciting! I've been desperately wanting to go for years! Disclaimer: Pictures are not mine!

 Image result for europe places
I want to go to Paris, to devour yummy food. I'll go up the Ifle Tower, singing a song. Then I'll look down, but be frightened by the height, but then I will come to my senses and be so very joyful, watching the amazing view.  

I want to go to Germany to see the wonderful architecture. I will walk slowly around the towns, slowly enjoying life, smiling at all people!

I want to go to Pisa, to see the leaning tower. See the aged monuments, that hold so much history! 

Image result for europe places Britain
I want to go to London. I will walk through the beautiful scenes. Skipping down London, my smile will be bursting at the seams. 

There are so many countries to visit in Europe and I would like to see all of them. Sadly, if I do get to go, the above places are probably the only ones I'll be able to see. Look  out for a girl smiling and skipping over Europe this summer! 

Have you been to Europe before? Do you live there? Are you going to go soon? Do you want to go?
Tell me in the comments!


Hoping for Spring

Glistening, it sprinkles
crystallizing the ground
not looking tremendous
but it is a threat.
Clinks soothe minds
that were hoping for 
a day to rest. 

Blurring reality 
into a cloud of white.
Coating window shields
making cars the loneliest inside,
confined in a small space,
no looking out,
until the realization comes that hard work is needed,
a scraper.
Everyone can hear the shouts of glee
from the children
it is time to play.
The adults need to go to work,
they hope for spring.

Snow, again,
Coming in ineffable amount
Shaking the tree's confidence
they fall down,
taking down lines with them,
The power is out.
Cuddling in blankets,
people try to manage,
finding other things to entertain them,
most importantly, 
managing to follow the taken for granted processes of life,
things like eating, bathing.  
In darkness, 
everyone hopes for spring. 

Twisting my head sideways to peer
under the leaves 
of that old boisterous plant
that we keep on clipping
for no use.
Long pointed slender figures
showing off 
that the season is not over. 
And we're all hoping for spring.