Tutorial: How to Add a Picture Link to Your Blog That Links to a Separate Page

Many of you bloggers have separate pages attached to their blog, such as an about page, a writing page, a contact page, etc. Picture links are an interesting way to link these pages onto your blog. I added picture links to my blog a few months ago. They're somewhere around the middle of my sidebar.

So, here is how you make a picture link:

1. Make Your Picture

First, you have to make the picture that will link to your separate page. I recommend using PicMonkey to do this, but you can use anything to make your picture! Make sure that your picture is clean and simple. Put your separate page name on the picture. 

2. Paste Your Picture Into a New Blog Post

Open a new blog post. Insert your picture into it. 

3. Give Your Picture a Link

Highlight your picture, and then click the button, "Link." Paste the web address of the page you want to attach to your blog inside the pop-up that comes up. 

4. Copy the HTML

Click the HTML button at the top left corner of your computer screen. Copy the HTML that comes up.

5. Find the Correct Gadget

Click your blog in the blogger homepage, and head to layout. Click, "Add a Gadget." Scroll down through the gadgets until you find the gadget that says, "HTML/Java Script." Click on it. 

6. Paste the HTML

Paste the HTML you copied in step four, into the HTMl/Java Script gadget. Click save. 
Now you're done! Go to layout, and move the gadget to the place you would like it to be on your blog! Ta-da!

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial, and that it helped you! Have a great day! Bye! 


A Poem about Nature

Hello! I hope that you're having a nice day. The poem below was something that I wrote in my notebook at the start of April. I've typed it on to here. I hope that you enjoy!

Child's dirty fingerprints
of cool whip
on the baby blue sky.

Tip-toeing of 
tiny feet
grounding down,
kicking up dry dirt.

Feet linger
for a break,
breaths fly,
red faces,
look up to admire their close kind,
the trees, their mother,
watching over and the boisterous grass,their younger siblings,
tickling their feet.

The straggly roots,
their friends,
marking the steps to get to the end,
letting them down,
at times,
tripping them,
letting them fall. 

The birds
chatter and
they the modest stars
of the land
humming sweetly
from afar,
prancing away,
as the children come near.

They skip along, 
the youth, 
exploring the 
sacred universe around,
smiling at the 

Let us embrace this!"
the children walking along cried.
"Let us embrace the joy of nature 
and life!"
"Embrace that we were born!"
"Embrace the trees!"
"The grass!"
"And, all the world around!" 

I hope that you have a nice memorial day weekend, whether you are on a vacation or not. Enjoy! Bye!


A Short Writing Excerpt: The Girl with Scarlet Hair

Soucre: mcuexchange.com
As Jeffery thought about what to do, his hands over his ears, incapable of drowning out the crying, he felt a silent tap on his shoulder. He whirled around, and was faced by a girl. She looked around his age, but he had never seen her before. She stood; enveloped in a black hoodie, face pointing timidly to the ground. Her flaming scarlet hair whipped in and out of her jacket, in the wind, her hands placed timidly behind her back. She looked upwards, just for a second, her mysterious doe brown eyes staring at Jeffery, then quickly looking down back to the floor, planning to remain like that for the rest of her visit to Jeffery’s backyard.    

Sorry for the late post, everyone! This was supposed to be posted on Saturday. Due to exams, I've been really busy. I hope you've enjoyed this post! Bye!


Life Update: Steve Jobs is dead? Research Report? Birthday? Recognized on Twitter?

Steve Jobs is Dead:

 A few days ago, my friend and I were studying in the hallway outside. Beside us, were a group of boys studying. Somehow, we all ended up getting into a discusion about Apple and Microsoft. One of the boys argued against Apple, saying, "Ever since Steve Jobs died, the Apple company isn't making realistic products." 
"Yeah, you didn't know?" said the boy, snickering. "
"When did he die?"
"What? Four years ago!"
" Yes, (insert my name), six years ago. You need to stop reading those books and realize what's happening in the real world!"
No thank you..I'd prefer to stay with my books. But, I really have to start paying attention to current events! I thought that Steve Jobs was alive and thriving (or is it alive and kicking..I never know!). Now, I know the saddening news. 


Research Report:

In this last quarter of the school year, in my class we're doing a state project along with a report. At the beginning of the quarter, I decided on the state, Maine. The state project is actually a bunch of mini projects all molded together. Only three mini projects are required, but that gets you a grade, C. So, I'm doing all the mini projects to get more points than an A+ and an extra mini project that I made up myself. I was actually working on my made up mini project this morning. I decided to make a test on Maine, and write an answer key (it takes a lot of work..I understand teacher troubles, now..). I had ten multiple choice questions, 5 fill in the blanks, and 3 open- ended questions. Since it seemed like you guys enjoyed the trivia quiz that I made a while ago, I made another one, this time about Maine. The quiz includes the ten multiple choice questions from my project. Click on the picture below to get to it. If the picture doesn't show up for some reason, click here

picture is not mine! 


My birthday occured recently. I'm eleven now! I had a lot of fun, and I was so touched by all the cards I got from my friends. 

Recognized on Twitter:

Remember that post I did a while ago about New Years Resolutions? In that post, I mentioned that I loved the book, "The Clay Lion." Apparently, the author of "The Clay Lion" read that post, and she posted something on twitter regarding it! It's such an honor that the author of that book saw that post, and that she tweeted about it! Click here to see it! 

Toodles! Have a nice day!- Jollygirl


Five Ways To Get Out Of A Blogger's Block

Haven't we all had those days were we just did not know what to post? When we had a bloggers block of some sort? Below, are tips that will help you get over blogger's block.

1. Get Ideas From Lists Online

Online, you can find multiple lists of blog post ideas. A lot of these ideas are actually pretty useful, and worth using your time to read. Below I've listed webpages that have good ideas. 

Though blog idea generators sometimes give incredibly ludicrous ideas, it's worth giving them a try, because sometimes they will spurt out a great idea. Below are my favorite blog generators.

Other blogs can be a great place to bounce ideas off of, and get inspiration. Just make sure that you don't use the same post idea as another blog without asking permission! 

4. Look Through Your Old Drafts

Sometimes, drafts have a lot of potential. The idea in them might be worthwhile to write about. So, look through your old drafts!

5. Take A Blogging Break

If your blogger block continues, it may just be time to take a break from blogging. Take a leave from blogging for one week, to two months. 

I hope this hope helped you! Toodles! 


What makes someone popular?

I do fear my words coming off as rude. There are so many different words in the world, and so many different ways to put them together. There are also so many minds in the world, that interpret things in different ways. Sometimes I just worry that the words I choose to say will transform themselves in an odd way, to say something that I didn't mean. Or that the person I say something to would mix my words up in their brain. So, I take great care to make sure that no word that I say will make someone feel bad. I've always thought caring about kindness is an important key to being well-liked, and I still think it is. But, it isn't as important as I thought it was. Not many of the very popular people take care to make their words kind, all the time.

I guess beauty and gracefulness might take part in like-ability. The people who hold themselves strong and tall in dance class. They hold their head high walking through the area, chattering with everyone. Not people like me, who wobble in a position, then fall to the floor.

The most important quality to be well-liked, I think, to be outgoing, loud, and funny. I find that the popular people are not afraid to yell their thoughts to the world,  or laugh horribly loud. They're amusing and entertaining, and extremely silly. I don't really understand how they do it. I'm not really somebody who engages in silly activities, or who is really open with their voice. I'm more of a quiet introvert, and don't like to engage in those things. People have even thought me odd, because while the whole class was laughing really hard at some hilarious thing a popular person said, I was studying a textbook about grammar.

I've tried to be like the populars in a way- be loud, outgoing, and graceful- but I ultimately failed because the personality that I had to fit into to get noticed and get attention in my grade, was the complete opposite of the person that I am. It doesn't really matter how graceful, beautiful, outgoing, funny, or silly you are. Because you are you, and you should be proud of having your wonderful personality. In reality, well-noticed people aren't better than anybody else. I find it shameful that much of society gives more recognition to people who get lots of attention, than people who don't, but that's just the way it is right now. And, I happy to say, that I now take pride in the qualities that make up me. And it doesn't matter that I'm not one of the most popular students. I've recently realized,  I don't need to be admired by everyone to feel good about myself. I've made great friends that do like my personality, and I've learned to accept that my introverted personality is me- and there's no way I can change it- so I might as well just stick with it, and love it.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. I had tons of fun writing it. Toodles!

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