Graduation was the past Monday for me. Its funny how all of my classmates and I were just coasting throughout the year, smiling, and suddenly we were hit with a realization, at an unexpected moment, and we finally realized the depth of what was happening.

Graduation day was the last day that we'd come to that school as students who attended there. It was the last day that we would get to roam the same halls with our binders in our hands (though we actually didn't bring our schools stuff on that day.) It was the last day that all of us were together. IT was the last day that some of us would see each other again.

Yet, we all smiled and celebrated, having lots of fun. Graduation was a wonderful event.

It started with us walking to our seats, and raising the flag, saying the pledge of allegiance. Our principal came up to the stage to give a speech. We all listened intently, leaning forwards in our chairs. After his speech, our vice principal came up and called out different groups, and the people belonging in that certain group, stood, and were applauded.

Then, the first student speaker rose to the mike, and spoke. And then, three other student speakers came up, one after the other. They spoke about our school and their own experiences there. They spoke about the memorable things that had happened to them.

Later, some awards were given out. I got an award for my language arts skills.

Next were the teacher's speeches. They spoke wise words of advice to us. We walked across the stage, one after the other, and got our diploma.

Afterwards we had refreshments. I took multiple pictures with my friends and teachers. Then, I left the school.

On Thursday, I'll be traveling to India. I'm very excited to meet my relatives, again. While I'm there, I may not be able to blog. So, for the next month, there is a chance that you will not be seeing many blog posts from me.

I hope that you're enjoying you're summer!