Lately: The Raven Boys, Once Upon A Time, Gum under Desks, Autumn, etc.

I know, I know. Its been 16 days since I've written my last blog post. I'm failing my goal of publishing a post once a week. I've been busy from school, and I've been in a blogging slump. It might take a while for me to figure the whole blogging schedule out, but I hopefully will, soon. Disclaimer: None of the pictures used in this post are mine.

Anyway, lately I've been....

Reading: I've been reading "The Dream Thieves" by Maggie Stiefvater, the second book in "The Raven Cycle." Its actually a pretty amazing series, and it isn't really the typical fantasy that you would expect. It has more of an urban feel to it, and its basically about psychics, a ley line, and finding a dead king. 
If you've read this series, who is your favorite character? My favorite character is Noah.

Watching: I've been watching Once Upon a Time and Doctor Who. For Once Upon a Time, I've just been re-watching old episodes, as season five is beginning tomorrow. I think that the new plot line is going to be very interesting, and I'm excited to see all the new characters that are going to be introduced, and the ones from the older seasons that are going to be brought back (I'm talking about Mulan!) As for Doctor Who, I just finished the episode, "Family of Blood" with the human version of the Doctor, John Smith, and let me just say..WOW! 

Listening: I've been listening to lots of covers from Jasmine Thompson. Her voice is really beautiful, and I really do recommend that you check her covers out. Also, I've been liking "Renegade" by X Ambassadors. And, all of the songs by Imagine Dragons.  And of course, I can't forget "Riptide" by Vance Joy. 

  Mad World covered by Jasmine Thompson

Not Liking: I've not been liking all the gum I've been seeing under desks at school. You're not even allowed to chew gum at school, so why would there be gum under the desks. Its just disgusting, and me being a germaphobic, it takes a lot of power to stop thinking about the gum and focus on my school work.
 Also, I haven't been liking the 90 minutes of math homework I'm getting every day. 90 minutes of homework is a lot, and I could deal with it, but the thing is, I have other homework from my other subjects, and when you add all those minutes up, its a lot. Its just hard have 1 1/2 hour of math class, and then come home and do another 90 minutes of math work. Nevertheless, I do enjoy doing math, and I find the math work fun. And yes, the reason why I've been having so much math homework is because I'm in a advanced math class, and I have two periods of math a day, rather than one. Basically, what I'm doing, is a double-up class. Last year, I was in fifth grade, but I completed sixth grade math, and half of seventh grade math. So, this year, I'm having double the amount of math classes that you would normally have, and I'm completing the remaining math material for seventh grade, then completing eight grade math, and then completing ninth grade math. Basically, that just means a lot of work for me. 

Liking: I've been liking the nicer weather. It hasn't been so hot, and the sixties weather has been great. That's one of the reasons why autumn is my favorite season. I also love all the leaves changing colors. I think its the most beautiful time of the year. 
Other than the weather, I've been enjoying my English class. My English teacher is very straightforward, and actually pretty fun, and I really do enjoy my class with her. 

That is it for this post! I hope you guys have a great weekend!


A Guest Post From Edie: A Poem Titled "Swimming in the Lake"

Hello everyone! Today I'm sharing a post from Edie, at Minty Perfections. Edie sent a poem to me, that is very beautiful. So anyway, let's read her post!

Swimming in a lake

The water,
deep and warm
makes me shiver with happiness.
I feel feeble like a mouse cornered by a cat with a rumbling stomach
Yet as bold as that cat, satisfied with his catch 
I take a plunge

I feel that satisfaction is finally in my grasp
That life is finally in my grasp
For it is, indeed, precious.

As the water covers me up I feel I could not hurt a souI 
I question how someone could possibly hurt anyone
We should value life
Nobody does
Not you, not me
We wish we would die
We want the ground to swallow us up
We wish others would die
We shout and scream

I swim a few metres
I can't get enough 
of this happiness

I know
of course
when I get out life will be the same
I will start wishing I am dead
I will want the ground to swallow me up
I will
I guarantee

Because I'm part of the vicious, bloodthirsty, hurtful race that is 


About Edie Rose:
I am a blogger from London who enjoys reading and writing. I started Minty Perfections in April 2015 and have had many opportunities because of it. I am a proud member of Guardian Children's books. 

Have a good day, 


Barbie is Physically Impossible

Barbie. We've all seen her in the stores. We've probably all played with her, unless of course you were too busy battling dragons clothed in fake armor, and yes, I did do that when I was a kid. And, we've definitely seen others playing with her.

I've seen several small girls say that they would love to look like her, but really, the way Barbie looks, is really just impossible. Her neck is twice as long as average necks, but half as skinny. And in reality, her neck wouldn't be able to support her head.

If Barbie was a real life woman, she would be crawling on fours, as her feet are too small to support the rest of her body, being only a size three. Her arms are much smaller than her legs, and are very thin. The circumference around her wrists are very small, too small to pick anything heavy up.

The hip/waist/bust ratio in Barbie is ridiculous. Barbie's waist is 16 inches in circumference, a little over half the size of her hips, and less then half the size of an average woman's waist. The size of Barbie's waist would only be able to fit half a liver, and a few inches of intestines. Barbie's hips are smaller, than the average woman's, as well as her bust.

I hope you found this post interesting. I'm sorry that I haven't been posting much lately. I've been really busy with school, and I'm trying to figure out a post schedule. Anyway, I'll be trying to post at least once a week, sometime during the weekend, probably.

Also look out for a guest post from Edie, on Thursday.

Bonne journée, <<< I'm learning French so I thought that this would be appropriate