R.I.P or Ship it Tag

I saw this tag on Anna's blog, and I thought that it was really cool!
1. Write down the names of characters from different books on scraps of paper. 
2. Put them in a container of your choosing. 
3. Pull out two names at the same time and show them to your audience in whatever way you like.  
4. Decision time! Do you ship them or do you want their relationship to die a peaceful/painful death?

BTW, for those of you that don't know...

R.I.P it means that I don't think that those two character's personalities would be compatible, and that I don't think that they would be good friends/family/couple.

Ship it means that I do think that those two character's personalities would be compatible, and that I think that they would be good friends/family/couple.

Without further ado, lets begin!
Warning: The pictures used below are not mine.

Round 1

Harry Potter + Prince Kai= Ship!
(The books: Harry Potter, Lunar Chronicles)

Hmm...I'm not really sure about this one. They both do have the same sort of humor (they both use a lot of sarcasm), but at the same time, I feel like Prince Kai is so serious compared to Harry Potter. Maybe they would be friends, but not really good friends? 

Round 2

Queen Levana + Neville Longbottom= R.I.P!
(The books: Lunar Chronicles, Harry Potter)

No way, would these two ever work well with each other. Poor Neville, he would be scared out of his wits by Levana! 

Round 3

Hermione Granger + Scarlet= Ship!
(The books: Harry Potter, Lunar Chronicles)

I think these two would be good friends! Scarlet kind of reminds me of Ginny from Harry Potter, and Hermione and Ginny have always gotten along with each other, so, yeah..ship!

Round 4

Peeta Melark + Ponyboy= Ship!
(The books: The Hunger Games, The Outsiders)

These two would probably be good friends, as they're both quiet people, that are passionate about something or the other. 

Round 5

Luna Lovegood + Katniss Everdeen= R.I.P
(The books: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games)

No to these two..just, no. Katniss Everdeen would get so annoyed at Luna! Katniss would be trying to shoot a deer or something, and Luna would be yelling at her from behind, to look out for nargles! 

Round 6

Rudy Stiener + Liesel Meminger= Ship!
(The books: The Book Thief, The Book Thief)

Yes! The Book Thief is one of my favorite books (I read it in one day) and I love how it is told from the perspective of death. It has so many wonderful messages, characters, etc in it, and if you haven't read it, you should definitely try it out. Anyway. Rudy and Liesel are two characters in the book who are best friends, and probably two of my favorite characters in the world! So obviously, ship!

Round 7

Captain Thorne + Cinder = Ship! 
(The books: The Lunar Chronicles, The Lunar Chronicles)

I ship these two as friends! I loved their scenes in the book, Scarlet (which is in the Lunar Chronicles series)

Well, that's the end of the tag! Have a good day! And yes, I'm aware that most of these characters are either from Harry Potter of the Lunar Chronicles. 


How To Accomplish Your To-Do List

Hey guys! Today, I'm going to be telling you guys how to accomplish your to-do list, in a few easy steps! 

1. Figure Out The Things That You Need To Do

Think about all the tasks you need to do, and list them on a piece of paper. Make sure to include a reasonable number of tasks, so that you can actually complete all of them.

Write a blog post
Complete math homework
Study for test

2. Order Your Tasks

Order your tasks from most important to least important. This way, you will know what you need to do immediately, and what you can save for later. 

1. Complete Math Homework
2. Study for Test
3. Write a Blog Post

3. Estimate How Much Time You Will Need

Next, estimate how much time you will need for each task. Figure out what time you will do each task.

1. Complete Math Homework (30 Minutes: 8:00 AM-8:30 AM)
2. Study for Test (35 Minutes: 8:45-9:20 AM)
3. Write a Blog Post (45 Minutes: 9:45-10:30 AM)

4. Get on to Doing the Tasks

Next, you can start completing the tasks. Stay focused while you are doing them, and don't worry about the time, or how long it is taking. Make sure to take breaks! A 15 minute break every hour is a good idea. 

5. Reward Yourself

After you've finished all the tasks, reward yourself! 
Some ways that you can reward yourself:
  • a new book
  • a new song from iTunes
  • a nap
  • a dessert     

So, that is all there is to accomplishing your to-do list! I hope this post helped you out!

Bye! (#harrypottergifs)