Guest Post By Jeani: The Mountain

Hey, everyone! Today I have Jeani doing a guest post. If you haven't already, I highly recommend that you check out her blog. She posts really beautiful, amazing poems, and really thought provoking discussions. Anyway, on to Jeani's post!

Hello! My name is Jeani and I’m from the blog Jeani Thoughts. I am very excited to be posting on “Reflections of a Jolly Girl” today! I hope you enjoy my poem! 

The Mountain
She stretched across the northern land
Water cascading from her mouth
Blue flowers sprung up from her roots
She was still as winter howled

Her strong arms sheltered rabbits
As they huddled to her breast
She cried for summer’s ending
For her friends would soon be dead

She shied away from cameras
As the bright lights hurt her eyes
They wore away her edges
They scraped their feet against her sides

If you lay still, you’ll hear her cry
Carried on the northern breeze
Then you’ll drink your cup of coffee
Carry on like you haven’t seen

Her cracked and crumbling body
Is hidden by the morning glow
And you only count the flowers
That she worked so hard to grow

She has supported your every move
But all you do is let her break
So, I’m saying on her behalf
Please don’t wait till morning wakes

// Jeani


A Poem: My Name Is Courage

i remember one of the first times i came to you
when i whispered softly in your ear
urging you to face
the monsters under your bed
that you were so afraid of

we met again on your first day of school
when you faltered
at the school door
and i murmured encouraging words to you
and led you forward

i saw you on the day 
that you stood up to the boy
who had been tormenting you for months
as you vehemenlty told him off
while i cheered for you on your side

i was there when you left home
off to get a job,
start a family,
and you were so nervous and uncertain
and i held your hand as you walked out

when you had that big test, 
when you tried out for the school play even though you had immense stage fright,
when you had your first heartbreak,
when you lost someone that you loved,
i was there those times, too

when you accepted that you had messed up,
when you spoke up for your imaginative dreams,
when you apologized,
when you found the strength to completely be yourself,
i was there, right next to you

you see,
i've been here all these years,
standing right beside you when you needed me,
helping you get through all those things that seemed so impossible,
through all those times that you thought you couldn't make it one more day

and i've been right here all this time,
inside you,
a part of you,
and i have watched you grow,
grow and grow and grow into the person you are today

and it has been years since the first time we met,
your hair is gray,
your face lined with wrinkles,
but your smile is still the one of the boy
that i helped face the monsters under his bed

now i am here with you 
to help you through this last moment
before you pass on
sitting beside you
until the end

you couldn't see me before
but in this last moment
i suddenly become 
clear to you
and your last words are to me

your eyes widen 
as you take sight of me
standing above your bed,
ethereal hues of light
surrounding us

"it's you," you say, 
"who are you?"
i reply honestly, 
"i am you and you are me" i say
your eyes widen, "but what's your name?"

"my name is courage" i say
and you give me a weak smile
as the last signs of
flicker out of your eyes